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Scale Beyond Ordinary 17 | "Social Channel Plan Before You Post"

Today’s strategy is...

Social media has become the main source for building new potential customers for many businesses. The 2020 Pandemic has shifted social media promotion into overdrive. Now with so many people posting how can you reach your audience continuously?
Posting Without A PlanAs a small business owner or freelancer your excited about your product or service. You want to let the world know! So how? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the list goes on and on! (387 major social media networks as of January 2020) 

Normally you’ll post on the network in which you have the most followers. Typically you would post about your products, services, or industry knowledge randomly. 

This is a big mistake because despite being connected 24/7. Your audience still follows a schedule. You must discover the time range of the schedule on each network. 

Consumers like consistency as much as they like variety. Random posting on multiple subjects or links to articles doesn’t enhance your en…

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