2018 Year of Transition

What a beautiful day here in the city and the first Monday of 2018. So as we all transition into a new month this week. Think about what is the next transition in your life needed for next month. How do you transition successfully?

"Time waits for no, one period! You must be willing to transition towards what is going to make you successful in this season."  

I have the privilege of working with both established and startups organization. The biggest challenge for my established organizations is a transition to social media and emerging technologies. Most believe if it's not broke, don't fix it! This mindset stops them from transitioning toward new opportunities.

Many of my startups don't really know what transition means. What is the transition? The transition is not you running away from your problem in business. See when you run from your problems, you have no purpose and no passion. Transition means you are going towards something better, than what you already had. You face the challenges and embrace the tools needed towards success!
-Shawn Ryan Randleman


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