Good March 2018 Smartpreneur...Movement

Good March Smartpreneurs!
Hopefully, your week got off to a great start! If not its time to get up and make some moves!  Most people don't understand that #movement is key to results! So how do we create a movement towards success?

As an entrepreneur, you must understand you're a leader and leaders are responsible for creating a positive movement around them at all times. The biggest test of an entrepreneur is that they must have the ability to make things happen! You must have the ability to take the people around you, from where they are, to where they need to be.

Now before you create movement. You must stop and take a look at yourself! Are you someone that a person wants to follow? If not, it will be hard for you to establish a movement. You must implement and develop your vision, lead by example in your life. Establishing movement in your on life allows you to lead by example, teaching the vision and creating the culture around the movement. Think About It!
-Shawn Ryan Randleman


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