Good May 2018 Smartpreneur...Project Completion

Good May #SMARTpreneurs! 
It's the middle of the week, so put those final touches on that #project! Your almost their, #determination is your key to succeeding.  Each task or project you complete brings you one step closer to success.

I know personally, the price of success is not easy. It entails dedication to the job and determination whether you win or lose.

As great as life might look over the years from the public view. I've lost a lot over years for keeping my dream alive! But I understand to achieve anything it requires a core belief, faith, hope, hard work, vision and a lot of determination.

I leave with this, nothing in this world can stop persistence and determination towards your goals. You can be the most talented, a genius or well educated and life will still not move. Calvin Coolidge said it best... "There is a more common unsuccessful man with talent...Unrewarded genius is almost a proverb...and the world is full of educated derelicts" Think About It!
-Shawn Ryan Randleman


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