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Words of Wisdom | "Refrain Thy Foot"

October 21 | Support Your Local Chamber Of Commerce Day

Words of Wisdom | "To Understand a Proverb"

"Dream So Big You Get Uncomfortable" from The Success Never Sleeps Series

October 14th | Stop Bullying Day

Words of Wisdom | "It Maketh Rich"

October 7th | Inner Beauty Day

Word of Wisdom | "Ye Simple One"

October 1 | National Hair Day

August 1 | “Respect Your Parents Day“

July 7th | Father Daughter Take-A-Walk Day

June 21 | National Selfie Day

Word of Wisdom | “A Great Waster”

Wednesday Wisdom l ”Human beings are funny"

Experience 48 | “Purpose Is Not Easy & Don’t Confused With Success”

MONDAY CHALLENGE | ”What am I doing well that might distract me from doing even better?”

Life Lesson 30 | Success Is About Identifying

MONDAY CHALLENGE | Am I Treating Others The Right Way?

June 1st | National Say Something Nice Day

Words of Wisdom | Turning Away of The Simple

Scale Beyond Ordinary 17 | "Social Channel Plan Before You Post"

Wednesday Wisdom | You're Afraid To...

Experience 18 | Lay A Firm Foundation

Monday Challenge | “ Am I Making A Positive Impact?”

Words of Wisdom | "I Will Not Fear"

Scale Beyond Ordinary 11 | “Develop A Business Continuity Plan When You Launch!”

May 21st | American Red Cross Founder Day

Wednesday Wisdom | The Great Enemy of Intimacy

LIFE LESSON 21 | "You must understand that the future begins with what happens in your life today!”

Monday Challenge | Am I like able?

Word of Wisdom | He Trusted...

14th National Decency Day 2020

Contingency Planning vs Disaster Recovery

National Barrier Awareness Day | May 7th 2020

Wisdom Wednesday | Love Overcomes Fear

Experience 28 | Respect Everyone, Support Anyone!

MONDAY CHALLENGE | Am I helping the people around me become better?

Words of Wisdom | Lean Not Unto...

National Loyalty Day | May 1st 2020

Monday Challenge | What do I avoid but know I need to address?

QUESTION | Are You Being Productive in Your Current Environment?

Your Environment | The Why Factors?

QUOTE | The Next Generation of Amazing Companies

Strategic Thursday | “Don’t bounce back! Move forward to the next level!”

“Unshakeable” by Tony Robbins | March 2020 Book of The Month | RLU Applied Knowledge Club

“The Power of Broke” by Damond John | February 2020 Book of The Month | Read-Listen-Understand Applied Knowledge Club

2020 New Decade! New Year!