Monday Challenge | Am I like able?

Here your beginning of the week #selfchallenge question... “Am I likable?”

Being likable is one of the most important achievements you can accomplish in life. It’s so easy now for people who don't like you to become negative brand advocates--and to amplify unfavorable opinions on social platforms.

Ever heard the expression “I love them but don’t like them” There people you love but concern things you dislike about them. So we keep our distance, we tend to deal with people we like over people we don't.

When a person likes you it increases the likelihood that they’ll do business with you. It increases your chances of a positive brand advocate.

So how do you know whether you're likable? Don’t be fooled by followers, likes, and comments. It's easy to feel that you're likable, but it's important to seriously ask yourself whether you truly are. Are you just a comment or like a feed? Or are you a memory that will last a lifetime!


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