Monday Challenge | “ Am I Making A Positive Impact?”

Here your beginning of the week self-challenge question...“Am I Making A Positive Impact?”

As we all reflect on the lives of the people who’ve paved the way for us, today. Ask yourself how did they impact your life?

It’s sad that many people have been forgotten. Do you know why? Impact! See you can become successful and popular, but when you die be forgotten.

Making an impact is not about how much you can gain in this world. It’s about how much you can give, and the seeds you plant in others over time.

It’s disappointing to see a society in which we value having thousands to millions of followers. Who really has no clue to who you are, but what you post. Ask yourself, If you were to die today, how many of these people would show up at your funeral or mourn your death. Three, Five, or Ten years from now will they put flowers on your grave or comment on your “Memorial Social” page?

So this Memorial Day asks yourself, will you be forgotten? Or will you be a Mother Theresa, MLK, Princess Diana, John F Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln? If so, what are you doing right now to positively impact society!


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