Scale Beyond Ordinary 11 | “Develop A Business Continuity Plan When You Launch!”

If a disaster strikes, what’s is your first move?

It a question many us wish we answered, before this Coronavirus Pandemic. As we move forward it’s important for EVERY business to have a business continuity plan.

Business continuity refers to a strategy that makes sure that your business keeps operating no matter what. It ensures regardless of what happens, your business will continue to provide products and services to customers. It’s proactive, looking ahead to what happens and making a plan to keep mission-critical operations functioning.
According to FEMA, “40-60% of small businesses that suffer a disaster never reopen their doors, and 90% of small businesses that don’t reopen within five days of the catastrophe fail within a year.” 

Essential of a Business Continuity Plan

Depending on your industry this plan may contain a wide range of emergency responses and protocols. Most business continuity plans include communication strategy, business impact analysis, recovery strategies, plan development & scheduling testing

“Small Enterprise Businesses” build custom strategies and resources to plan for and survive a disaster. Many “small businesses” have no plan in place at all. No essential stockpiles, logistics plans with suppliers & clients, or the proper insurance for the disaster. 

Do you have a business continuity plan right now in place? If so, how well did it survive in this pandemic?

Get Started Now On Your Business Continuity Plan

📌 Identify Your Critical Business Processes
📌 Categorize Each Dependencies
📌 Define Your Critical Resources
📌 Align Team Policies & Procedures

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