MONDAY CHALLENGE | Am I Treating Others The Right Way?

Here your beginning of the week #selfchallenge question... “Am I Treating Others The Right Way?” 

In all of this confusion let’s reflect on this statement for a moment...Ask yourself are you treat others, as you want to be treated?

In the wake of another innocent human being life cut short by our law enforcement. I believe we all need to take a pause to reflect.

What makes us human is we all want an equal chance at a decent life. It’s sad to see people in 2020 still hate other human beings because of their race, sex or religion.

We never ask ourselves what if someone  persecuted you for things we can’t control like color. Law enforcement job is to “protect and serve”. It’s designed to protect everyone  civil liberties. Every professional especially in these positions should live by the golden rule...”Treat others the way you want to be treated”

Everyone has something about them you may disagree with. It doesn’t mean you should demeanor them in any type away! We are all humans with many flaws no matter race, sex or  religion.

So this day I challenge you to reevaluate yourself. Ask yourself do you want your kids to be treated less than a human being? Why not? 

Next time you see someone you don’t like, but you never spoken to before. Ask yourself would you want someone to judge you in same manner?


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