August 1 | “Respect Your Parents Day“

Good #ProductiveSaturday #Smartpreneurs & friends! It's the 1st day of August 2020. #DidYouKnow today is #RespectForParentsDay Today we recognizes the leadership roles parents play in not only a child’s life but also in our communities.

Parents provide their children the first expression of love and sense of security.

How can you participate?
📌 Call your parents and thank them for their hard work
📌Post on social media using #RespectForParentsDay and encourage others to join in.

Hopefully this was 💡“Insightful” and inspired your🤔“Curiosity”. Leave feedback below! ❤️“Love”, if it’s strike a chord in you & SHARE/RETWEET with a friend!

Assembly by @SMARTInConcepts
SOURCE: National Day Calendar
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