October 14th | Stop Bullying Day

Did You Know Today is Stop Bullying Day the second Wednesday in October brings together students, faculty, and parents to end bullying. 

Today brings awareness to the need to stand up against and put an end to bullying. No child should be afraid to ride a bus or go to school because a classmate threatens them. Children who have been bullied should feel they can report the incident without repercussions. 

Types of Bullying
👉🏼Verbal bullying 
👉🏼Physical bullying 
👉🏼Relational bullying 

How can you participate?
📌Attend a bullying prevention event in your kid school
📌Getting involved in local activities against bullying

Hopefully, this was 💡“Insightful” and inspired your🤔“Curiosity”. Leave feedback below! 

Assembly by @SMARTInConcepts
SOURCE: National Day Calendar


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