DECEMBER 14th | National Bouillabaisse Day

Did You Know today is National Bouillabaisse Day gives seafood lovers everywhere a reason to celebrate. 

Bouillabaisse tops the list of must-have cuisine while visiting France. The tasty stew originates in the port city of Marseille and is traditionally made using the bony rockfish, saffron, fennel seed, and orange zest.

How can you participate?
📌 Visit a French restaurant near you or even try making it yourself. 
📌 Explore a variety of recipes for the bouillabaisse.
📌 Travel to France to enjoy the authentic taste of bouillabaisse. 

Hopefully, this was 💡“Insightful” and inspired your🤔“Curiosity”. Leave feedback below! 

Assembly by @SMARTInConcepts
SOURCE: National Day Calendar


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